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Aloo Gobi
Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with herbs and spices
+ Add (£2.75)
Saag Aloo
Spinach and potatoes cooked with herbs and spices
+ Add (£2.75)
Aloo Methi
Potatoes cooked with fenugreek leaves herbs
+ Add (£2.75)
Bombay Aloo
Softened potatoes cooked with tomatoes, herbs and spices
+ Add (£2.75)
Ghobi Bhaji
Cauliflower mixed with spice, cooked in tomatoes and spices
+ Add (£2.75)
Tarka Dhall
Lentils tempered with garlic and fenugreek leaves
+ Add (£2.75)
Saag Paneer
Exclusive Indian cubed cheese, cooked in spinach and herbs and spices
+ Add (£2.95)
Khumbi Bhaji
Mushroom buttons mixed with spices, cooked in tomatoes and herbs
+ Add (£2.75)
Saag Bhaji
Fresh spinach cooked with tomatoes and onions, garnished with gentle spices
+ Add (£2.75)
Sabzi Bhaji
A mixture of seasoned vegetable, cooked slowly with onions and tomatoes, garnished with spices and coriander
+ Add (£2.75)
Chana Bhaji
Extensive use of chick peas cooked in spices, with tomatoes and herbs
+ Add (£2.75)
Bindi Bhaji
Okra gently spiced, garnished with onions, tomatoes and herbs
+ Add (£2.75)
Mater Paneer
Cheese and green peas cooked in spices
+ Add (£2.95)
Home made freshly fried chips
+ Add (£1.75)
Green Salad
+ Add (£1.95)