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Chicken Zaal
Strips of marinated and barbequed chicken, finely sliced with green and red peppers, onions, Mushrooms and fresh green chillies, stir-fried in a light sauce
+ Add (£2.95)
Kya Cheez
Tender pieces of barbequed chicken tikka and slightly spiced steamed potatoes covered in cheese and melted to perfection
+ Add (£2.25)
Chicken Tikka
Breast of chicken pieces marinated consistently in yoghurt, spices - gently barbequed.
+ Add (£2.50)
Chicken Tandoori
Tender pieces of chicken on the bone marinated in yogurt and spices - gently barbequed.
+ Add (£2.50)
Chicken Garlic
Medium sized pieces of chicken breast, garnished with the juices of limes and lemons. Cooked in a special garlic sauce.
+ Add (£2.95)
Chicken Pakora
Delicate breast of chicken pieces coated in a Rivaj's very own crisp batter and deep fried
+ Add (£2.95)
Chicken Tikka Puri
Pre-marinated and barbequed chicken pieces cooked with sweet tomatoes, finely chopped onions and selected spices with coriander and chat massala. Served onto a crisp light whole wheat bread.
+ Add (£2.95)
Crisp rice pancakes filled with finely diced chicken with a mild spice
+ Add (£2.95)
Murghi Bhaji
Strips of chicken breast pan fried tossed slowly with sweet peppers, fried onions and spices.
+ Add (£2.95)