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Mango Mango
A rich creamy chicken dish with added flavours combined with mango, blended to give an exclusive sweet taste.
+ Add (£7.95)
King Prawn Shell Balti
Large king prawns carefully spiced and cooked thoroughly in their shells, to bring an immense depth of flavour with a blend of infusion herbs and spices.
+ Add (£10.95)
Salmon Marinade
Pieces of the Scottish salmon marinated in black pepper, spring onion and garlic with the added flavour of cinnamon, served to your taste medium or hot.
+ Add (£10.95)
South Indian Murghi
Pieces of chicken marinated off the bone tandoori style, cooked slowly together with minced chicken and mixed with coriander and spices.
+ Add (£7.95)
Mohdu Murghi
Diced Chicken breast infused with garlic, orange & honey and fresh coriander seeds. Then baked with lemon juice and coriander leaves to give this dish a very unique but sublime taste.
+ Add (£7.95)
Rivaj Biriani
Pieces of chicken cooked off the bone stir fried with rice in a tandoori style with the added flavours of chick peas, roasted garlic and tomato juice.Served with our own medium strength vegetable sauce.
+ Add (£8.95)
Chicken Tikka Chilli Massala
Chicken Tikka mixed with the added flavours of spices, green chillies and soft onions in a massala sauce.
+ Add (£7.95)
Grilled Bengal Seabass
Fresh sea bass grilled in a light spices seasoned with cumin seeds, fresh mint. Served on a thick sauce prepared with onions and tomatoes, garnished with coriander. (When available)
+ Add (£9.95)
Exotic Shaslik
Chicken marinated in spices, barbequed slowly under the grill given it a tender succulent taste, with softened onions and peppers and herbs, topped with fresh coriander and green chillies. Served with a medium strength vegetable sauce.
+ Add (£8.95)
Lamb Bangla
Tender lamb slowly cooked and prepared with soften onions and tomatoes with garlic.
+ Add (£8.95)
Machi Ka Paneer
Thick loin of pangash, a sweet water fish from Bangladesh, roasted with mustard seeds, garlic, fresh tomato and mild spices combined with addition of Indian cheese.
+ Add (£8.95)
Balti Rashun
Chicken tandoori roasted in a clay oven and peeled of the bone into a slithers garlic with a aromatic balti sauce.
+ Add (£7.95)
Malia Kofta
Minced meat balls mixed with an aroma of spice. Gently barbequed and fried with ripe tomatoes and a dash of cream.
+ Add (£7.95)
Chicken Kashmir
succulent cubes of chicken cooked with peaches and banana with light spices to give this a wonderfgul fruity taste
+ Add (£7.95)
Lamb Tk Chilli Massala
Lamb Tikka mixed with the added flavours of spices, green chillies and soft onions in a massala sauce
+ Add (£7.95)